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Weblog Decommissioning Complete

The blog has been decommissioned and archived. It is no longer possible to add comments. Many blog posts are missing; that will be fixed eventually. I will also (eventually) clean up the blog post pages. Please note that many links on archived pages will be broken until cleaned up. Links to the remaining blog posts follow:

Reset the Net

Happy New Year 2014

Physical Fitness

How to extract audio from FLV files using VLC Media Player

Stinkoman Sunday Fun Talk

The danger of unfulfilling work...

Updates and other stuff

Why do art supplies make me feel...


Fortune Cookie Fortunes

What can you get after 12 hours of rendering?

Well, that's it. For now...

Weblog Decommissioning in Progress

Our website's blog is in the process of being decommissioned and archived. Many of the blog articles will still be available afterwards. Please bear with us during this transition. Any future blog articles will be posted on the main page. Thanks for your support!

-I'm not much of a blogger, especially not with so much time spent at work these days. I will still write articles on occasion, but not enough to warrant the infrastructure I'm maintaining here. I am still an artist and writer at heart, and that is what my focus will be outside of work. Any blog fans out there, thanks for simply being a fan.

I am still working on Titanium Knights Epidode 3 and 3500AD, so stay tuned for those.


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