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Here is some miscellaneous art - including Titanium Knights concept art.

This is one of my Titanium Knights characters, Rachel Steel. She is an officer in the Lightning Forces (more on the LF later), and works directly with the Titanium Knights. She is often the one who is assigning them missions passed to her from her superiors, and often works with them on their missions.

One of my unfinished works depicting a dwarf and a sorceress on a battlefield.

A Lightning Forces Star Destroyer (Like a Space Fighter or Star Fighter). The same kind used by the Titanium Knights.

An unfinished battle scene - Smash of the Titanium Knights singlehandedly frees a planet from the reign of an oppressive, tyrannical government. Here he is seen killing one of the government agents in a bloody firefight. Score one for freedom!

An unfinished work of a female Elf warrior. This was inspired by the main character in the Sega CD game "Popful Mail", which to this day is still one of my all time favorites.

Unfinished work of a super-powered woman. Maybe I'll finish her someday.

One of my few colored works - a Lightning Forces Starship.

One of the Titanium Knights - Ninjato, in his powered up state. Yes, I know the proportions are off, but it is still a cool pic. One of my friends actually said that this is my best picture ever. But I don't agree.

Here is one of my favorite unfinished works - a huge human and a super huge demon fight side by side. This picture came about by accident, I was just drawing, and the demon actually came out well, so I used white-out to remove the other junk from the page, and added the huge guy. I wonder if I'll finish this...

Here is a poster I made of the Titanium Knights (super hero team) in ages past. The characters from left to right are: Demon, Titan, Smash, and Wraith. Ninjato was supposed to be in this poster as well, but I couldn't think of a pose I liked for him. I also erred with the proportions on the Wraith character, so I decided to leave this one unfinished, and start over. This one was hard to get into digital format. The original was drawn on oaktag, and was rolled up for years, making scanning a pain in the neck. You can see the irregularities from joining the scanned sections. I think I will upload a digital photo of this one later...

Here is the digital photo version of the previous work, cleaned up a bit in Photoshop Elements.

A Titanium Knights concept art sketch - in this sketch, I am trying different angles and shots for a martial arts training scene.

Another concept art sketch - here I am trying out a motorcycle scene, some more martial arts scenes, and an energy beam.

Yet another concept art sketch - the Titanium Knights are starfighter pilots, so I have to work on some starfighter hangar scenes.

Here is the new AB Force pic.

This here is supposed to be a Stalfarian Heavy Armor Formation. I was just messing around with the scene creation software when I tried importing these tank models (found here) and I was just wowed by the detail. I chose the tank materials and colors, created the tank arrangement, found a nice camera angle, and after about 12 hours of rendering, yes, that's 12 hours, on a P4 3.2Ghz with 2GB of RAM, I have this cool pic. Hope you enjoy.

Here is one of my first digital works of art, created on Photoshop in 1994. I can't even remember what version of Photoshop I used, or what type of Apple Macintosh I used. I only remember that it was one of the integrated screen models.

I call this "Black Hole v.1.0". I attempted to upgrade this one to 1.1, but it contained a silly mistake that came from resizing the canvas. I attempted to fix this in 1.2, but it came across as an artist trying too hard. So I'll just stick to the original.

Another 1994 Photoshop work, I used a stock image and vandalized it with my own brand of graffiti. I was a high school student at the time, so I think that would explain my graffiti interest...

Here is another graffiti styled work. Created in Photoshop, 1994.

I call this one "Supercar". Also created in Photoshop circa 1994.

This one is called "Final Frontier". I think this was my best work at that time using Photoshop. As you can probably tell by now, all of the work in this gallery area was created using Photoshop in 1994!

A quick sketch of a woman in a bathing suit. This picture actually got me accused of sexism by a female worker in the office where I was interning! (During my internship, I used the office computers to create art in my spare time.) I promptly drew a male figure next to this image, in the same superheroic supermuscled comic style. I remarked to her that since I draw male characters in the same manner as female ones, how can my art be sexist? Sadly, I don't have a copy of that image. By the way, I call this one "Female Form".

This unique work is called "Unspeakable Experiment". It is supposed to be the testing room of a laboratory in which strange energies are applied to severed limbs. I used the mouse freehanded to draw the details.

This one came about quite serendipitously. I accidentally chose a printing option which I no longer remember, which caused this matrix arrangement of my "Female Form" sketch. I'll just call this one "Female Form - Pop Art Style".

This is a crazy poster I made in high school circa 1993. It features strange characters such as Mr. Eyeball II, Maggot City, and a violent parody of Homer Simpson. It also includes a public service announcement depicting the dangers of alcohol. This work is called "FunnyLand". I even created a brand name for this poster - "Insane Workz™". Erm... enjoy.

Here is a work from my college days. It depicts the proper use of deadly weapons from major brands such as "Hacker™", "Super Pound™", "Chane Kutter™", and "generic steel pipe". Don't try this at home!

Another work from my college days - an armored truck. I really like the intese geometric shapes in this pic - if that makes any sense...

Yet another work from my college days. Lots of weird stuff going on here, including product placement for "Hacker™" chainsaws. WARNING - this is an R rated picture.

Here is a scrap from high school. The character "Mission Man" came from my junior high school days - neighborhood idiots made fun of the way I walked, and called me "Mission Man", supposedly because I looked like I was on a mission. I lived in Hollis, Queens, by the way. It really sucked living in the ghetto. But as they say, "You can put the boy in the ghetto, but you can't put the ghetto into the boy." Oh, wait a minute - I said that! LOL!

Here's another scrap from high school - a ninja battle. I attempted to draw a samurai as the bad guy, but it wasn't coming out the way I wanted. So, I drew a demonic entity instead.

Here's yet another scrap from high school - a simple fighter plane. Yes, this and the other pics in this area were drawn totally freehanded.

Here's a work from high school - a sports car. For some reason, it's a four seater sports car! Talk about tight squeezes...

Here's a pic I drew after chemistry class in high school. I call it "Don't mess with chemistry, it'll knock you out. No matter how tough you are." I'm sure I found chemistry to be quite challenging...

This one is called "Raw Power", for obvious reasons.

Here is another high school work, called "Coal Tar". The title has absolutely nothing to do with the picture. Go figure...

I call this one "Rough Car". This sketch was a guide for a clay sculpture I planned to make in high school. Unfortunately, I was only able to complete the skeleton. Maybe I'll do a 3D model of this...

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