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Steven Wexler (aka Steve) is the creative mind behind TitaniumKnights.net. Steve always had a high level of creativity, and desires to produce a full length graphic novel, author at least 2 books, and to produce a full length animated film. He hopes that this website will assist him in his creative goals, and provide entertainment and enjoyment to you, the reader.

Projects currently in the works are: Titanium Knights Episode 3, (Episodes 1 and 2 will be remade as prequels after Ep.3 is complete); AntiBalls Force, a hilarious bunch of idiots battle against the ridiculous "Geek Gods".

Future projects include the Titanium Knights novel; Titanium Knights Episodes 1 and 2; Titanium Knights "Gaiden" - the superheroes in an alternate reality; an autobiography - not for gratuitous self promotion, but to help others who have grown up and lived through highly difficult situations like himself.

About the Titanium Knights...

The Titanium Knights are two different groups of people from two different realities: In one reality, they are a team of super heroes. In the other, they are a group of Space Pilots, and are the group I have developed the most thus far. I first created and named the Titanium Knights when I was in junior high school, over 15 years ago.

The Titanium Knights space pilots are a team of three - Ace, Rob, and Steve. The characters were originally based on myself and 2 friends from junior high school. Steve, of course, is the leader - but he could not have completed his missions without the help of his teammates. He likes to do things by himself, big things, much like myself! Luckily, he is wise enough not to do anything stupid to jeopardize the lives of his teammates or the success of their missions.

I was originally inspired to draw the Titanium Knights comics by 3 old Nintendo games - Lifeforce, Gradius, and Contra. I actually titled the comics "The Power of the Life Force", followed by part 2 and 3. Unfortunately, the comics I created back then did not have much of a plot - just action and one-liners. But, they were still fun to read.

TitaniumKnights.net and TKComics.com Mission Statement

My mission is to bring you, the reader, quality content in the form of Comics, Art, and Stories, free of charge. I fully intend to and will do my best to provide quality work, not just for readers' benefit, but for myself, and for my own commitment to excellence. I fully intend to develop this site and to use it to complete and show off all of my creative projects.

We hope you, the reader will enjoy the content of this site.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to contact us with any feedback via the contact page.

Steve Wexler


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