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Written on February 22, 2012

Several people have expressed interest in my personal exercise routine, so I decided to write a short article about it. I am not a fitness expert, this is only what has worked best for me so far. Your results may vary. Please be mindful of your limits to avoid injury. With that said, I hope you will get as much out of this routine as I have.


I totally amazed myself with the results diet can make. However, using my diet to improve my fitness was totally serendipitous. I’ll explain…

I break out with pimples any time I consume wheat products. (bread, pasta, pizza, cake, cookies, etc.) So, I started avoiding any foods containing wheat. I also avoid dairy products (ice cream, whipped cream, etc.) because they also contribute to my breakouts. It’s too bad really, because I love those foods. Anyway…

The breakouts stopped, but something else happened as well…

I lost about 20-25 pounds in one month, without any exercise. Yes, without exercise!

That was a cool side effect! Since I started noticing more of my muscle definition, I was encouraged to start actually working out again.

I also eat lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, seafood, and some meats. (Not too much meat, it makes me sluggish.) I also eat rice, eggs, and anything else gluten/wheat/dairy free.

Push ups

Ah, the classic push up. It used to be one the hardest exercises for me, but this time I persisted in doing them regularly. My body soon adapted well to them. But then I started doing these so much that I caused myself some minor lower back discomfort, so…

Planks and side planks

I was neglecting my core muscles. So I did a bit of research, and discovered that planks were great for core strengthening. I’ve been doing these for a while, and I no longer have any lower back discomfort.

Wrestler’s neck bridges

Obviously, I’m no wrestler. I started doing this exercise to strengthen my neck muscles in hopes of eliminating some minor (but chronic) upper back/neck pain. To my surprise, bridges worked wonders. Be careful with this one though, it can cause serious injury if done improperly…


In addition to push ups for chest strengthening, I decided to add dips as well. These have really increased my overall upper body strength. I use an “Ultimate Body Press dip bar” ( for my dips.

Jump rope (without a rope)

I’ve always heard that jumping rope is a very intense workout, good for strengthening the heart, and great for burning fat, and I thought, why not try it? I never learned how to jump rope as a kid, and I’m pretty clumsy with one now. After tripping on the rope multiple times, I decided to just mimic the motions of jumping rope without using a rope. It works quite well for me, as it’s one of the exercises that can actually make me break a sweat. I try to do this every day for at least ten minutes straight.

One of these days, I will actually teach myself to jump an actual rope.

Weight vest

I originally got the idea of wearing a weighted vest from watching the animated series Dragon Ball Z. Goku (the protagonist) usually wore a weighted shirt for his martial arts training. Now how cool is that? I had to have something similar…

The vest can intensify your normal workout, or you can wear it during your normal daily activities. (I usually do the latter.) I use and recommend the “Smartvest” ( as it fits close to the body and can be worn under your clothing, and I haven’t seen any other product like it.

Taking advantage of random exercise opportunities

Like the stairs in the subway, or an uphill sidewalk. Running for a train or bus is good as well, but it can be extremely frustrating if you end up missing it. (I don’t usually like to run for transit…) I love using the subway stairs at Roosevelt Island and at 53rd Street/ Lexington Avenue, it gets my heart going. But that’s just me. Do what’s best for you!

Work out safely!

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