Fortune Cookie Fortunes!

I don’t know about you, but I actually like to eat fortune cookies. I also like reading the fortunes! Sometimes I get some really cool fortunes and I keep them.

One particularly fortuitous fortune 🙂 I received was shortly after I decided start my website featuring my old comics and stories. ( The fortune read:

“It’s a good time to finish up old tasks.”

This fortune didn’t just have a relevant message, it had very relevant timing as well! This fortune really encouraged me. It was like having someone give me a pat on the back for a great idea. I only wish I had started the website and this blog sooner.

Another really cool fortune I received was shortly after I made it a priority to train myself to think positively. The fortune reads as follows:

“It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.”

That one pretty much hit home, as I do have a pretty high aptitude, and was very frustrated that I wasn’t where I believed I should be in life. However, looking back, my attitude wasn’t very positive at all. My attitude was downright negative! This fortune helped to reinforce my belief in the need to be positive despite any circumstances. It was also encouraging, like a sign telling me that I am heading in the right direction.

In my quest to continue being positive, I always remind myself that I will be financially secure. That my health, even though it is good now, will just continue to get even better. Then I have the pleasure of getting this fortune:

“You will enjoy good health and financial independence.”

Cool, huh?

Now, the last two fortunes I have recieved are also cool, but I don’t quite understand them fully yet. They read as follows:

“You are not a person who can be ignored.”

“Turn on the charm. You’ll be glad you did.”

Regarding the first one, I usually find that I blend into the background in groups. But sometimes, when I speak, people seem really interested in my words, even though I don’t put a huge value on the words myself. I usually get uncomfortable when I notice people hanging on my every word. I guess I feel self-conscious when that happens!

Regarding the charm fortune, I have never believed that I had any kind of charm at all. Imagine my surprise when I am told by some friends of mine that I am very charming! I need to look more into the concept of “charm” so I can fully understand it.

Yes, I have also gotten some fortunes that are quite irrelevant. Those I pretty much ignore (and trash!). But the ones that are relevant, the ones that encourage, the ones that hit home, I keep. I use them as positive influences to help me to grow more positive, and also, to just grow!

Funny thing is, I was going to write this article much later (Procrastination!) until I accidentally spilled water on my desk, all over my fortunes! I put them on some cork coasters to dry out. I was annoyed about spilling the water, but I turned it into something positive – a procrastination chopper! Hiiii Ya! Hwoi Ya!! Okay enough with the corny kung fu sound effects… Until next time!


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