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Art Gallery 4
Friday, 31 October 2008

This is a crazy poster I made in high school circa 1993. It features strange characters such as Mr. Eyeball II, Maggot City, and a violent parody of Homer Simpson. It also includes a public service announcement depicting the dangers of alcohol. This work is called "FunnyLand". I even created a brand name for this poster - "Insane Workz™". Erm... enjoy.

College Drawing 1

Here is a work from my college days. It depicts the proper use of deadly weapons from major brands such as "Hacker™", "Super Pound™", "Chane Kutter™", and "generic steel pipe". Don't try this at home!

College Drawing 2

Another work from my college days - an armored truck. I really like the intese geometric shapes in this pic - if that makes any sense...

College Drawing 3

Yet another work from my college days. Lots of weird stuff going on here, including product placement for "Hacker™" chainsaws. WARNING - this is an R rated picture.

Mission Man

Here is a scrap from high school. The character "Mission Man" came from my junior high school days - neighborhood idiots made fun of the way I walked, and called me "Mission Man", supposedly because I looked like I was on a mission. I lived in Hollis, Queens, by the way. It really sucked living in the ghetto. But as they say, "You can put the boy in the ghetto, but you can't put the ghetto into the boy." Oh, wait a minute - I said that! LOL!

Ninja Battle

Here's another scrap from high school - a ninja battle. I attempted to draw a samurai as the bad guy, but it wasn't coming out the way I wanted. So, I drew a demonic entity instead.

Fighter Jet

Here's yet another scrap from high school - a simple fighter plane. Yes, this and the other pics in this gallery were drawn totally freehanded.

Sports Car

Here's a work from high school - a sports car. For some reason, it's a four seater sports car! Talk about tight squeezes...


Here's a pic I drew after chemistry class in high school. I call it "Don't mess with chemistry, it'll knock you out. No matter how tough you are." I'm sure I found chemistry to be quite challenging...

Raw Power

This one is called "Raw Power", for obvious reasons.

Coal Tar

Here is another high school work, called "Coal Tar". The title has absolutely nothing to do with the picture. Go figure...

Rough Car

I call this one "Rough Car". This sketch was a guide for a clay sculpture I planned to make in high school. Unfortunately, I was only able to complete the skeleton. Maybe I'll do a 3D model of this...

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