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Art Gallery 3
Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Here is one of my first digital works of art, created on Photoshop in 1994. I can't even remember what version of Photoshop I used, or what type of Apple Macintosh I used. I only remember that it was one of the integrated screen models.

I call this "Black Hole v.1.0". I attempted to upgrade this one to 1.1, but it contained a silly mistake that came from resizing the canvas. I attempted to fix this in 1.2, but it came across as an artist trying too hard. So I'll just stick to the original.

Another 1994 Photoshop work, I used a stock image and vandalized it with my own brand of graffiti. I was a high school student at the time, so I think that would explain my graffiti interest...

Here is another graffiti styled work. Created in Photoshop, 1994.

I call this one "Supercar". Also created in Photoshop circa 1994.

This one is called "Final Frontier". I think this is my best work using Photoshop. As you can probably tell by now, all of the work in this gallery was created using Photoshop in 1994!

A quick sketch of a woman in a bathing suit. This picture actually got me accused of sexism by a female worker in the office where I was interning! (During my internship, I used the office computers to create art in my spare time.) I promptly drew a male figure next to this image, in the same superheroic supermuscled comic style. I remarked to her that since I draw male characters in the same manner as female ones, how can my art be sexist? Sadly, I don't have a copy of that image. By the way, I call this one "Female Form."

This unique work is called "Unspeakable Experiment". It is supposed to be the testing room of a laboratory in which strange energies are applied to severed limbs. I used the mouse freehanded to draw the details.

This one came about quite serendipitously. I accidentally chose a printing option which I no longer remember, which caused this matrix arrangement of my "Female Form" sketch. I'll just call this one "Female Form - Pop Art Style".

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