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AntiBalls Force - Long Range's Punishment

Long Range is being punished by Master Hammer. (probably for playing a practical joke.) His punishment is to put his face by an anus and breathe deeply. Of course, the anus belongs to none other than Boot Crack, a former minion of Buttock the Destroyer. He was captured and imprisoned by the AntiBalls Force for many years.

Boot Crack’s power is hyper foul farting, which can keep many an opponent at bay. In his imprisonment however, his power has been significantly reduced.

Despite the unpleasantness of the punishment, Long Range is quite used to it by now. But Boot Crack has a nasty surprise for Long Range this time...

Boot Crack has been storing tiny amounts of power for many years during his captivity. It’s not enough to cause any real damage or to escape, but it’s perfect for nearby faces inhaling deeply...

"Okay, let’s get this over with. It’s pretty nasty, but bearable..." muttered Long Range as he positioned himself to endure his punishment. He started to inhale deeply...

Phooooooo! Gases fly out of Boot Crack’s crack! Long Range’s face is enveloped in a dark cloud...

"Oooaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh! Cough cough!! Blech!" Long Range falls from his knees onto his back, then vomits.

"Ha ha ha ha! Hoo hoo! Wah ha ha ha!!" Boot Crack laughs maniacally.

"How...? Coughh! Cough cough! I thought you were - cough! ...powerless... cough!"

"For the most part. But not totally! Ha ha ha ha haaaa! Maybe now you’ll take your punishments a little more - ha ha ha - seriously! Ha ha hah!" Boot Crack is still cracking up.

Long Range, despite his present condition, had no choice but to laugh. He couldn’t help it. Long Range loved practical jokes – even if they were on him.

Several minutes later...

Boot Crack is still laughing, but slowing down a bit. Long Range is still recovering, the coughing almost over...

"Boot Crack, you – cough - bastard! Filthy – cough - bastard! Who’d have guessed you had it in you? I have new respect for you now."

"Ha ha ha! Heh heh heh! Oh, is that so? Heheheheh! I haven’t laughed like this in years! Haha!"

"Why does a guy like you serve Buttock, anyway? Cough!" asked Long Range.

"Why? Ha ha! For power! Power and... prestige! You know, respect! People used to shun me, make fun of me, said I smelled too bad. Used to drop when I farted, and sometimes when I simply walked by. When word got out that I now served Buttock the Destroyer, people got in line right quick. It felt good. Real good."

"That’s it? Power? Respect?" asked Long Range, finally recovered from his coughing fit.

"Yes! I was tired of being on the bottom. I wanted to be on top for once!"

"On top? You think Buttock was the strongest one to serve under?"

"Even the mighty Butt Bombers Force were killed by Buttock! It’s a wonder Hammer even survived. Yes, they beat Buttock, but they couldn’t kill him. Then the survivors of the battle sealed him away..."

Master Hammer walked in.

"Don’t take that event lightly, Boot Crack. I was gravely injured at that battle’s conclusion. Even Ol’ Spike Arse was hurt badly, and he was the greatest of us all..."

"Heh heh heh! You all should have just submitted to the Geek Gods! Their power is just too great! Heheh!" replied Boot Crack.

"Ol’ Spike Arse was heartbroken by the loss of his team - Antibutt, Grenadier, and Quadlauncher." said Master Hammer.

"Hmmm. I remember them! They were incredibly strong. I couldn’t even begin to fight them. I tried, but I ended up in chains, here! Heh heh!"

"You should be grateful for their mercy, Boot Crack." replied Master Hammer. "As for you, Long Range, I hope now that you'll take these punishments seriously from now on. That joke of yours went too far. Blaster will be in the infirmary for days recovering."

"Wait! You knew about this, Master Hammer?" cried Long Range.

"Of course. In fact, I was counting on it, to teach you a lesson one of these days." said Master Hammer.

"Hammer, how could you have known about this?" Boot Crack asked.

"I have my ways. I learned from the best." Hammer replied.

"You’re a bastard Hammer! A real bastard! Heh heh heh!" Boot Crack laughed again.

"Bleechhh!!" Long Range vomited again.

"Looks like you'll be joining Blaster in the infirmary, Long Range. Ha ha! Learn your lesson well!" said Hammer as he walked away.

Boot Crack continued to laugh maniacally as Long Range dragged himself to the infirmary, covered in his own vomit.

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