The White Alabaster Tower

When I was a child, I had an amazing dream. This dream was so amazing, that I still remember it with great clarity to this day.

The sky is a deep red, stained with black volcanic ash. A nearby volcano erupts violently, belching ash and releasing rivers of molten lava. The earth rumbles with frequent earthquakes. Many bolts of lightning arc across the sky, brightly illuminating the landscape.

In the midst of all this chaos, on a solid rock foundation near a river of molten lava, is a majestic white alabaster tower. This tower is taller than the nearby mountains, and although it shakes with the earthquakes, it stands firm. Each flash of lightning reveals faint shadows of debris rolling down the long spiraling stairway of the tower’s interior. I was utterly amazed at the effect of the stone becoming translucent at each lightning strike.

I suddenly find myself inside the tower, ascending the stairs. As lightning flashes outside, I can see the white stone walls light up, and I can see the shadows of debris rolling down the stairs above me. The earthquakes shake the tower and help get the debris down the stairs. Some debris rolls towards me – shattered bits of pottery, fractured idols, and broken parts of life sized wooden statues.

A crowned, bearded head carved out of wood, rolls towards me. It looked like the head of an ancient king, and in my curiosity, I reached down and grabbed it as it rolled by. I take a closer look – the wood looks ancient. Suddenly, the wood became flesh, and the ancient king’s features twisted into a pained expression, and a horrible scream erupted from his mouth. Surprised, I dropped the screaming head, which reverted back to wood before it hit the steps. It then continued to roll down the stairs, out of sight.

Then I remember that there is a fearsome beast to battle at this tower’s summit, and I reach for my sword…

I didn’t have a sword. What I found at my side was a plunger for unclogging drains…

Then everything faded away, as I returned to the real world.

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